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Non-Standard Home Insurance
Insurance for Those Who Are Refused Homeowners Insurance

Many people face hours of time wasted and the stress of shopping around to find that they have been denied standard homeowners insurance. To put it simply, a non-standard risk is one which is not covered by the average home insurance policy. If you or your property is affected by a non-standard risk you need to obtain a policy from a non-standard home insurance provider, such as Melendez Insurance.

If you’ve been dropped by your insurer, or turned down for insurance because you or your home is considered a high risk, you may be eligible for Non-Standard Home Insurance. Request a quote today from Melendez Insurance.

Is Your Home Insurance “High Risk”?

Whether it is due to the construction or location of your property or your personal circumstances, there are several reasons why your home insurance requirements may be classed as “non standard”.

Non Standard Construction

  • Timber framed buildings
  • Buildings with a flat roof
  • Thatched properties
  • Prefab homes
  • Properties containing asbestos
  • Steel framed properties
  • Properties undergoing major renovation

Property Location – Home owners with property that lies within a flood plain or a high crime area.

Empty Properties – If your home is left unattended for any reason for a period of thirty days or more you will need to disclose this to your insurers.

Vacation Homes – Standard home insurance does not cover vacation homes, which come with their own special risks such as rental and temporary occupancy.

Working From Home – Having the occasional admin day at home is not usually an issue. However, if you work from home on a more permanent basis you will need to inform your insurance company. Your standard home contents insurance will will not cover business contents.

Your Personal Circumstances

  • Criminal convictions
  • Previously refused insurance
  • Insurance cancelled
  • Too many claims filed by you or the previous owner
  • Bankruptcy
  • Poor credit rating

The reasons homeowners are being excluded from coverage are growing as insurance companies become more adept as spotting potential problems. Indeed, your home doesn’t have to sit on the Florida coastline or in “Tornado Alley” to be considered a high risk by insurance companies. Flooding, wildfires, mold contamination and crime—all liabilities that could red flag your home as a high risk—are common occurrences in Chicago and many areas of the country.

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