Why Did My Auto Insurance Rate Go Up?

At ERIE, we don’t take the price you pay for car insurance lightly. Like most companies today, we’re facing increased costs of doing business. And we know that you are facing rising costs too, on everything from gasoline to breakfast cereal to housing. And while a lot of factors go into what you pay – from vehicle safety ratings to your personal driving history – striking the balance between insurance premiums and the cost of doing business is key to any insurer’s ability to meet customer expectations and pay for claims. For questions about your specific auto policy and rate, reach out to your ERIE agent. Generally speaking though, here are some of the biggest factors that may cause auto insurance premiums to increase:
  • Inflation: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 4% compared to 2022. This means that on average, all of us are spending 4% more than we were a year ago for the same goods and services.
  • Vehicle parts: The inflation we were just talking about is even higher when it comes to vehicle parts, with those prices up by closer to 8.3%. (Historically, an increase of 2 to 3% year over year is more typical.)
  • Repair costs: Recent supply chain issues such as the car chip shortage and labor market pressures have driven up repair costs even more, by as much as 14.2% since 2022. Limited supplies and labor can also cause repairs to take longer, meaning customers are in rental vehicles longer—further driving up the cost of claims.
  • Vehicle prices: Prices for used vehicles jumped more than 27% in 2021, according to the auto industry analysts at Edmunds. New vehicle prices are up more than 14%.
  • Driving again (and faster): Americans are going faster than ever before. In a national survey commissioned by ERIE, 1 in 10 drivers admitted to driving at extreme speeds of 20 MPH or more over the speed limit.
  • Accidents: It should be no surprise based on all that fast driving, but auto accidents are getting more severe, too. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported a 12% surge in fatalities, the largest increase since reporting began in 1975.
With inflation on the rise, we understand if you’re feeling financial pressure in your household budget right now. That’s why we keep our founding purpose front and center when we make decisions affecting our customers: “To provide our Policyholders with as near perfect protection, as near perfect service as is humanly possible and to do so at the lowest possible cost.” This purpose has served us well for nearly 100 years and we hope our customers agree that it has worked out pretty well for them, too. ERIE is committed to rates that cover costs properly and that will maintain the financial strength needed to keep being there for customers, year after year. If you’re looking for tips on how to save on your premium without compromising your coverage, check out our blog story How To Find Good Cheap Auto Insurance.

How to Save on Your Auto Insurance

While we want to do our best to explain what’s behind the increased costs you might see in your insurance bill these days, we also understand that doing that doesn’t put any more money in your pocket. So here are a few ideas that might.
  • Ask about pay plan discounts. Depending on which plan you choose, you can save up to 7% on your auto insurance.
  • Get a quote with the ERIE Rate Lock® feature. With ERIE Rate Lock®, you will pay the same premium year after year – even if you have a claim. Your rates won’t change until you make certain changes to your auto insurance policy, such as adding or removing a vehicle or a driver from your policy, changing your address or where you usually park your car.
  • Take a look at your deductibles. Consider a higher deductible to lower your auto insurance premium. Read our guide on how to choose a deductible.
  • Revisit your mileage. Are you working from home and driving less than before the pandemic? You may be eligible for a lower rate based on annual miles driven. (Reduced usage discount not available in Kentucky.)
  • Bundle your coverage with ERIE. You can earn a multi-policy discount1 when you combine your ERIE auto, home (including renters) or qualifying life insurance policy. Learn more about how to bundle with ERIE.