Tornadoes can strike in seconds. Are you ready?

Tornado season is upon us and could bring more storms in the months ahead. In fact, the U.S. experiences the most tornadoes of anywhere in the world.1 Last year alone 1,197 tornadoes tore through the country, costing over $1 billion in property damage.2 While we can’t prevent tornadoes, we can help you craft a safety plan and prepare. Before a Tornado Designate a Shelter The best shelters are sturdy, windowless spaces with room for you, your family, and pets. A basement is ideal, though any low‑level, windowless room works, including closets, hallways, interior stairwells, or a bathtub if you have a heavy blanket or mattress as cover. Food and Water for 72 hours, such as canned soup, granola bars, or shelf‑stable goods, plus a can opener Whistle or horn to attract attention should you become trapped Battery or generator‑powered lights to conserve mobile phone power First aid kit that includes bandages, antiseptic, and essential medicines Battery or crank radio because cell towers may be down Important documents, including copies of your ID, insurance information, Social Security cards, a small amount of cash, and other legal documents, such as wills Extra pet food if needed During a Tornado Know the signs of a tornado: • Dark green or sickly‑looking sky • Large hail • Low clouds, especially if they’re rotating • A roar often compared to a train whistle If you hear or see these signs, or there’s a local tornado warning, shelter with family and pets.… Read More